Drop us a line. We love to have partners in North America to continue raising awareness together in cybersecurity to our people!

+ 100 companies trust us

Available and with focus on Latin america

Finally a platform with all the Spanish american and examples of our region.

Premium support 24/7

In a matter of cyberattacks, the time is key. That's why we offer premium support day and night to all of our customers free of charge.

Export all to CSV

You are the master of your data. All-in-Whalemate can be exported to CSV if you need it for the purposes of regulatory compliance.

So low-maintenance

Whalemate has been designed to make your life easier. With our onboarding cultural, you can configure the platform and let that protects your computer to

Synchronizes your device automatically

You don't have to maintain another directory of employees in Whalemate: synchronizes automatically 4 times a day from Google and Microsoft.

Unlimited users on the platform

Get help to keep safe to your computer, including other members of the team. It's completely free to add other users to your work space.